Friday, 3 October 2014

Play Me

Hello dears!! Guess what?? It is my birthday month!! Yaaaay! You have no idea of the temperature of excitement I am feeling right now. This year has rushed so fast, I cannot even believe it. I truly thank God for this far I have reached in life and I cannot dare regret a thing.

In other news, have you ever woken up with a feel free feeling, as in, no belt, no tight fitting outfit whatsoever?? For me, it happens a couple of times. I actually chose this outfit in FIVE MINUTES!! I guess this is the fastest time ever for me to choose an outfit. With that said, I am proud of myself.
Before I forget, I got a quick tip for you guys; if you indeed want to spend little time selecting an outfit, do not go to your wardrobe and start staring at your clothes.... but rather......think of the outfit you want to wear, then go and get it from your wardrobe. Trust me, I used to spend ages gazing at my wardrobe not until I figured out this little trick, and its magic!! It absolutely works.

Anyhow, I wanted to have a relaxed look for the day since the weather is crazy hot nowadays. I paired this maxi tribal print skirt with animal print crop top with sandals. My sister told me that this skirt is of the Chinese culture, especially the lower part of it. I really love colour and believe you me, mixing prints has never felt sooo good. And what better way to sum up the whole look with some gorge aviators.

Do you see any photo bomber in any of these pictures?? He made my photo session

                                         Happy October!!

                Crop Top :: New Look
                Maxi Skirt :: Thrift
                Sandals :: A store next to World Business Center
                Bag :: Susen
                Aviators :: Baus Optical